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I believe we all have an artistic seed planted in us from birth but unfortunately it is rarely watered, so for most of us that innate artistry fades away over time.

In my case that's exactly what happened. Growing up I loved being creative and would draw anything and everything for hours. But like many others, the school system didn't nurture this creativity and I conformed to the little academic robot that was encouraged.

It wasn't until I began university that I felt that I could be creative again, although it was still within the context of the academic system. I studied Design at one of the large private Universities in Mexico City, Universidad Iberoamericana. I enjoyed my classes but I really liked the more artistic ones like drawing and painting. But as soon as I started taking photography, I felt immediately at ease. It combined the concepts of composition, colour palettes, the mechanics of the camera and development of the film that could create an image that can be cheesy birthday photo or a true masterpiece. I focused more on my photography classes than my other courses and I was fortunate to have some amazing professors whom I admire to the date.

I was also lucky to meet one of my best friends, Marco, at university who I shared some classes with. And while I gravitated more towards photography, he leaned more towards illustration. We hung out with graphic designers, textile, industrial, fashion designers and even some architects and it was really interesting to see the individuality of all of these artistic people being laid on canvasses, photographs, prints, furniture, clothing, etc.

The fact that my appreciation and understanding of the arts grew because of school and the people that I surrounded myself with, has translated on the way I carry myself nowadays. It is reflected on the way I like to dress, the music I listen to, things I like to look at, the foods I like to cook and so on.

My friend Marco and I would like to use this website/blog as a medium to showcase the photographs and art we've created over the years. We will invite other artists who not only enjoy but excel in different branches of the arts. Hopefully soon we will have a group of artists and writers to support, promote and sell what they create.

A web store of this project will be launched soon, so we'll keep you posted with what's to come. In the meantime, feel free to contact us if you'd be interested in learning more about this project or if you'd be interested in becoming part of this group of creative individuals.

Looking forward to hear from you.


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