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My love for the sport started as a matter of luck rather than a generational or hobby type of thing
— Madu Lopez

It was meant to be even before I knew it

As some of you may know one of my greatest passions, probably the greatest who am I kidding, is motor racing. In the next paragraphs I’d like to introduce you to me as a race car driver and hopefully you’ll see from my perspective how vital it is for me to get sponsorship money or funding capital from an investor. A lot of the times people think of sponsorship almost as a charity but the reality of sponsorship in racing is that it is a very valuable deal for both parties involved. I have been working with many talented professionals for years to develop the best possible sponsorship package to assure that the value of marketing and PR you get as a sponsor is far greater than the actual value of the sponsorship itself.

Similar thing applies to me looking for investors. The main difference is that an investor compared to a sponsor doesn’t have the need or interest in promoting a product, service, company etc. and instead is looking for a monetary ROI. Both are very rewarding options and I’d be happy to provide you with more information about it and expand on it all.

But first I’d love if you could keep reading so you understand not just the importance of your roll as a possible sponsor or investor but also learn more about me and see why I’m not your average driver but also a very committed and passionate individual which seems to not be a very common denominator of professional athletes nowadays. I am considered by Alfonso Toledano to be one of the best drivers of my generation out of Mexico. Alfonso was Ayrton Senna’s teammate in Europe and one of the most talented Latin drivers to come out of the continent and now the most successful promotor in Latin America as well. But even such high regards should mean nothing if I didn’t have the experiences that have made me the driver I am today.

The Racing Seed

My love for the sport started as a matter of luck rather than a generational or hobby type of thing as it happens with most race car drivers. Their father, uncle or grandfather used to race so it’s “in the kid’s blood” to be a race car driver. In my case it was just the simple fact that my uncle who was a truck driver knew a few mechanics who worked for some race teams.

Many other times it’s mostly an ego booster situation. In which some sort of individual with money decides it’s “cool” to race and has the funds to spare so why not.

As you can imagine both of these instances are a recipe for diluting the talent pool that exists in racing. It is extremely rare to find a driver who has the funds, passion, humility, talent and doesn’t come from a wealthy or racing family. I can’t even think of one right now other than myself. A famous promotor in Mexico once told my father and I “you know why my son races? cause he’s my son! I’m sure I can find a taxi driver out there who could have more talent than him but he’s not my son”

I fell in love with open wheel racing at a very young age. When I was six years old my uncle got some free tickets to watch a race and from then on we kept going to watch as many races as possible.

By the time I was 13 I was saving as much money as I could so once a month as soon as I was done with school on Friday I'd get my father to drop me off at the bus station to head to whichever state was hosting the next Mexican Formula 2 race. I’d get to the city that was hosting the race find a cheap hotel and then head to the track to get a free all access pass from some of the mechanics who were friends with my uncle. Sunday after the race was finished I’d get a ride to the bus station once again and head back to Mexico City to go to school on Monday.

When I was 15 I had gone to watch so many races that people in the race scene knew my father, uncle and I and by then the same promotor I mentioned earlier, together with another businessman were starting a new series for up and coming drivers. So he told us that he had noticed how much I loved racing and that there was an opportunity for me to be part of this group of 32 young drivers.

Out of 32 drivers that were going to be evaluated at a racing camp that lasted a week and had some of the best drivers and engineers at the time as coaches the best 12 were to be chosen. Except for me and another one (oddly enough this other driver was a taxi driver and the oldest of all the talent pool), all of the other drivers have had some sort of experience in go-karts or open wheel racing, came from racing families and had tons of money.

At the end of the camp I was chosen to be one of those 12 drivers who were taking part in the Formula Azteca Series. I still had to get some funding but since it was an ‘inexpensive’ series compared to other ones I was able to race most of the events of the calendar and finished in second place overall getting many pole positions and podiums along the way. I missed a few races when my father, uncle and I were not able to put together enough money or get some sort of funding.

From then on the more I advanced through the ranks of racing and moved onto professional racing in the Formula 3 and even some NASCAR type of racing; the budgets needed for me to race grew exponentially.

I feel very proud to say that the fact that my racing career has been not as continuous as that of other drivers has actually added to my natural skills and made me a more determined person not just as a driver. But also has made me a very technical and smooth racer. For example, when I’ve had to race a full weekend with only one set of tires compared to three that other drivers may have, or that if I had dry weather tires and it rained I was basically screwed cause I don’t have a set of rain tires. Other times I’ve had to race error free because the number of spare parts I had in case I was in an accident and had to replace something were zero! That also meant that on top of driving as close to the limit as possible but 100% error free I had to be careful and very smooth with the gearbox and brakes. Cause overall use of the car meant that I needed money in between races to do upgrades and have it competitive for the next race.

Mentally that has also made me able to withstand pressure that other drivers in general couldn’t handle. I could write pages and pages detailing all of my experiences as a racer or explaining why I think that regardless of the underdog persona that some people may think I am. I have actually been able to transform all those so called weaknesses and turn them into weapons or tools to become the driver that I am and learn how to exploit every single quality I have as an athlete to it’s maximum potential.

So if you are interested in become part of this project wether it’s as a sponsor/investor or you have a contact with someone who could be part of it and could benefit from it and make a finder’s fee in the process please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will send you a link with the information you need to find out more about this lifelong professional project of mine.

Thanks a lot for reading and see you on the track!


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