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My father age 2 at the slums of Mexico City with his aunt and pet rabbit.

Before I introduce my entrepreneurial endeavours, it's helpful to understand my unabashed love of capitalism that stems from my family background, most specifically my father.

I truly admire my father for what he has overcome in his life and the lessons that his struggles have taught me. It is incredible that he was able to pull himself out extreme poverty to became a small business owner with the means to provide my sisters and I with a middle class upbringing. He had an unwavering focus to make money to experience and afford things that are only dreams for malnourished and underprivileged children. And I am not talking first-world poor, I'm talking Mexican poor. His first job was at the tender age of six when he swept the floors at a local barber's shop, followed by a stint as a street shoe shiner. Then at nine years old, he started carrying buckets of drinking water from the well to the homes of his neighbours, which had no plumbing. He would walk for miles carrying heavy water buckets so he could make a few cents before heading to school. Since he was a wee man being raised by his grandma, he'd tell her that when he was grown up he was going to own a house, a car and he was going to marry a white woman (almost unthinkable for a mostly indigenous little brown boy). He wasn't obsessed with money in the way that some people think about capitalists. He simply wanted to better himself from a very young age and didn't think the how but stayed focus on that long term goal. He would not have had that mind frame or the means to do so in a socialist culture. Many think that capitalists rely on monetary gains for happiness, but believe me, there are some very sad and depressed hippies as well as some very unhappy millionaires. I also know some very content anarcho-capitalists and some very fulfilled religious men who have given up all worldly pleasures. I'm not here to argue politics or economics but if you believe that capitalism is the root of all evil better, this is the wrong blog for you.

Gracie Barra conference

It is because of my father's inspiration that I'm constantly thinking on innovative ideas to create profitable businesses. If you have an entrepreneurial nature then you understand that there are many factors that make an idea go from nothing but a dream, to a fruitful and rewarding business.

One of the most important factors is to surround yourself with like-minded people who share similar passions and values. Since I am a very eclectic person, I am looking for the right partners for the different businesses that I am developing.

I like to call my business venture concepts "The 3 F's"


I'm looking for fellow sports and fitness enthusiasts that would like to join me in ventures that improve peoples lives by providing confidence and health through the highest level of coaching. These include offering clients my wealth of experience and unique passion for boxing, Crossfit and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Strong profits will come from a combination of a client-centric approach, top of the line facilities and world-class coaching.


Food is a form of creative way of expression that can improve health, be ethically responsible and be a rewarding business venture. If you are a self-proclaimed 'foodie' who loves premium organic traditional spirits and understands that food is one of life's great pleasures, then you will want to learn about my concept of such a business.


I approach fashion as not simply a utilitarian necessity but a means of self expression. If you have a passion for fashion like I do, you've probably experienced the difficulty in trying to find a brand, clothing store or online retailer that carries the timeless yet modern pieces that make you feel confident and stylish. The growing relevance of men's fashion coupled with my keen foresight into upcoming trends holds the formula for strong financial benefits.

These ideas briefly highlight examples of the business plans that I'd like to share with you about my promising ventures.

Please contact me if you'd like to discuss these opportunities in more detail and review the business plans. As an investor or partner, you can be assured that I understand that a great idea is not enough to become successful. There is always some risk which decreases exponentially with the development of a thorough business plan together with the right individuals pooling their assets, ideas and skills at the right time in a particular market.

Looking forward to hear from you regarding any of these ideas.


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